Senior Thesis  |  A dystopian interactive web experience


Brands' New World satirizes brands’ control over our lives. This project trolls a subtype of brands named by Ben Schott as "blands" that advertise themselves as small, independent startup businesses when in reality they are temporary brands that exist to make money bought out by large corporations. 

This project is constructed of Blender-made interior videos, self-directed photoshoots, and After Effects renderings, all orchestrated together on a customized Wix site that walks you through a snippet of humans’ Laura and Richard’s Brand New lives on a 2070 morning. 

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8.5" x 11" ; double-sided

Screen Shot 2021-05-13 at 10.45.50

Brands’ New World is structured like a tour that gives the user a glimpse of a mock society brought to you solely by products and constant consumption of goods (all owned by the made up corporate brand, ‘United Products’. 


Other promotional assets include larger scale signage, email & print flyers, and mock web eds

The interior background scenes created with Blender animations.


After Effects animations for the array of fake kitchen products in Brands' New World